Hey, you haven’t fooled us. We know a lot of you only read the posts to get to the website links. We’re okay with that. In fact, just in case you’re trying to find one you viewed earlier and neglected to bookmark, we thought we would supply a chronological list of them for you. Enjoy!

AUGUST 12, 2015

Adriana Katz’s geometric collages
Patrick Porter‘s outsider art
Amy Lighthall‘s patterns and abstract art
Eszter Bornemisza‘s fibre art and mixed media

AUGUST 8, 2015

Alyn Carlson‘s Flickr page
Natalie Pudalov‘s fantastical illustrations
– You’ll love Janet Nechama Miller‘s encaustic and mixed media pieces.  I know I do.
Jeremy May creates incredible jewellery from old books

AUGUST 5, 2015

–  The Dance Hall video of African dance styles, A-Z
–  Wonderful little art dolls from The Pale Rook
–  Madeleine Boulesteix‘s amazing chandeliers
–  What to do with all those privacy envelopes you’ve been saving?  The ones with the fabulous patterns inside?  Stephen Sollins makes paper quilts.

AUGUST 3, 2015

Aaron Foster‘s license plate art
Elisabeth Lacourt‘s map dresses
C. Kabiru’s strange spectacles
– A pavillion made from broken umbrellas and bike wheels
Jewellery from old skateboards
Thomas Althaus makes jewellery from tin cans
– B.C. student makes her grad dress from old homework, then auctions it for charity.
Susanna Bauer‘s incredibly beautiful art created from nature
Accessories from inner tubes
Laura Lein-Svencner uses found objects in her assemblage work.  Check out her gorgeous collage pieces, too.
– Going to Florianopolis in Brazil? Why not stay at Cabana Floripa; a house made completely from recycled materials.
–  Amazing forests sculpted from cardboard by Eva Jospin

JULY 30, 2015

My Etsy Favourites:

Items I Love
Shops I Love

JUNE 26, 2015

Val Britton‘s abstract maps
Ya’ gotta like a blog called Try Something Fun!
Andrea d’Aquino‘s wonderful, collage illustrations
A fun print transfer technique from Birgit’s Daily Bytes
Easy background technique from the aforementioned Karyn Gartel
Juan Rayos‘ incredible journals

JUNE 17, 2015

Julia Trigg’s typographic images (Now I finally have an idea as to what I can do with all those old ham radio cards I’ve been hoarding)
Barbara Runde‘s subdued, enticing collages
LOVE Greg Guedel‘s whimsical, assemblage pieces
Emily Haworth’s amazing, paper jewellery
Reima Honkasalo‘s fun, recycled lighting
Angela Smyth‘s happy illustrations

JUNE 14, 2015

Bored In Vancouver

The book,  ‘A World of Artist Journal Pages’, features 230 artists and every one of them has a website or blog of some sort.  So, you can imagine how much time can be spent perusing that many sites! Below are some of the Canadian artists and a few others that caught my eye.

Penelope Harris, Vancouver:  Radiant Crust
Sandra Trubin, Vancouver:  Sandra Trubin
Laura Bucci, Vancouver:  Laura Bucci
Carrie LaCoste, Estevan, SK:  Vinny Strawberry
Melissa Peacock, Surrey:  Yellowmelle Arts
Julie Hamilton, Whistler:  Artistically Afflicted
Guylaine Couture, Montreal:  Guylaine Couture
Brittany Baier, Sammamish, WA:  Brittany Baier
Nathalia Nayer, Belgium:  des couleurs, du piment et quatre bras
Marit Barentsen, Netherlands: Marit’s Paper World
Chandler O’Leary, Tacoma, WA:  Drawn The Road Again
Shelley Kommers, Calabasas, CA:  Shelley Kommers
Mary Freeman, Woodstock, GA:  A Splendid Adventure STudio
Mary Ann Moss, Los Angeles, CA:  Dispatch From LA

MAY 5, 2015

Joe Brubaker‘s paintings and assemblage pieces.
Jylian Gustlin‘s oil and acrylic paintings
The art and fonts of Eduardo Recife.
Seriously unusual architecture.
call2recycle is a battery recycling site.  Enter your postal code and get the recycling locations nearest to you.  Use it!

APRIL 29, 2015

–  Check out Seth Clark’s crazy, amazing collages!  HOW does he do it??!!??
–  I’ve been a fan of Katherine Dunn ever since I brought her book “Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed Media” into the store.  I see she’s now offering workshops at her farm near Portland.  What a great place to take a class!  If you’re feeling generous, she accepts donations to support the senior animals she keeps at her farm.
–  The collages and journals of Laura Lein-Svencner
–  Souther Salazar’s gorgeous, colourful drawings and paintings
–  Andrea D’Aquino‘s fabulous collage illustrations
–  Catherine Farish’s exquisite mixed-media work
–  Chris Mundwiller’s modern, abstract art.  There’s more work on his website, but it’s easier to view his art in his Etsy shop.

AUGUST 17, 2014
Collage, Printmaking, Drawings and Works on Paper
Art Journals
Graphic Collage
Melinda Tidwell

APRIL 9, 2014

MARCH 14, 2014
The Ultimate Pallet site
Anne Patay
Margaret Suchland
Martha Marshall
Helen Thompson
Mitsuru Koga
Steph Houstein
Speaking of imagination, I’ll bet you never thought of doing this with books.

FEBRUARY 20, 2014
Shalene Valenzuela‘s fun and witty sculptures
Mati Rose’s bright and fun paintings.
Scott Bergey was an airplane pilot who didn’t even try creating art until he was in his 30’s. I, for one, am glad he did!

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