See You On Sunday?




Hey, kids.  Just reminding you about the garage sale on Sunday.  All the info is here:

Facebook Event or RubyDog Blog 

At this time, I know of 8 people, besides myself, who are vending for sure.  You’re all welcome to join us and sell your art and art supplies.  As I mentioned earlier, the last sale was a HUGE success.

If you’re a seller, do post some pictures of the Facebook Event page.  And, watch your email on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  If it’s raining, I’ll probably cancel.


Dilly image

The other day I was on Commercial Street and was so pleased to see that Dilly Dally is still open.  It is really hard to keep a small retail business going in this increasingly expensive city, so I was very happy to see them succeeding.  If you’ve never been to this enchanting store you should pay them a visit.  I suppose it’s really a kids toy store, but I sure have a lot of fun in there.  :o)

They have beautiful, handmade, wooden toys from Switzerland, children’s books with pictures by some of my favourite illustrators and fabulous tin toy cars from The Czech Republic, to name just a few of their many goodies.  Go check them out!


letterpress garage

Diane Gillespie is one of our sellers on Sunday.  I don’t know what art supplies she’s bringing, but I do know what she is NOT bringing – her letterpress printing shop.  It’s way too heavy to haul out to our sale, but she is selling everything.  If you’ve ever been interested in getting into letterpress printing, this is your chance.  You can see her ad on Craigslist.


Emily Payne

I try to stay off Pinterest because there is so much amazing art on it I can end up spending hours and HOURS looking at everything.  In her most recent newsletter Shary Bartlett included a link to her Pinterest boards and, there I was again, using up my afternoon perusing all the fabulous pictures and following the links to them.  Sigh.  Very enjoyable, though.  LOL  Click here and see what I mean.


eszter 2

And, if indulging in Pinterest is not enough for you, here is some more glorious art:

Adriana Katz’s geometric collages
Patrick Porter‘s outsider art
Amy Lighthall‘s patterns and abstract art
Eszter Bornemisza‘s fibre art and mixed media



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