Garage Sale Treasures


Cabinet Card

Okay, I have to say it.  I have cool stuff!!!!

On Monday I spent the day in my locker going through boxes to find goodies for Sunday’s garage sale.  Even I was amazed at some of the stuff there.  Sorry, I couldn’t part with a lot of it, but I did find tons of items I am willing to sell:

A whole bag of skeleton keys

Seriously cute, 1957 Date Book (see above image).  I love mid-century illustrations.

A huge, and I mean HUGE, ledger from the 1950’s.  It’s at least 10 inches thick.  It obviously comes apart, but I have not yet figured out how to do that.  If I can, I’ll be selling pages from it.

A box of cabinet cards.  I want to scan these for future collage sheets and will try do get that done before Sunday so you, too, can share in the bounty.

A large box of plastic pipettes from a science laboratory.  These are great for sucking up paint you can then dribble over art projects.  Kids love doing this.

An incredible, little, 1884 catalogue.

Tons of tiny, souvenir postcard packs from Idaho and Colorado.

Hhhmmmm.  That’s all I can remember, for the moment.  There is one other thing, though.  I forgot to mention this in the last post.  I have rolls and rolls and rolls of adhesive, sign-making vinyl.  Everything from 1 foot to 30 foot lengths in colours ranging from neon green to bright yellow to red to black to grey to greens to blues to gold to ………..  There are a few reflective colours, some clear vinyl and some with glitter, as well.  Think giant stickers!

STickersIf you’re a teacher, this is a treasure trove of art material.  I’m selling it off cheap, cheap, cheap!  Seriously.  And, after 2:00 it’s going for 1/2 price.


If you’re going to selling at the Artsy Fartsy Garage sale, how about putting up an ad on Craigslist and Kijiji?  I’ve done both, including a paid ad on Kijiji so it stays at the top of the list, but the more times it’s posted, the better.  Besides, I’ve only described the goodies I’ll be selling, not yours.

Don’t forget to post on your own Facebook page, your blog, on Twitter and in your newsletter.

As well, I have flyers I can email to you, if you have somewhere you can post them.  Just contact me at rubydogart at shaw or through this blog.  Send me your email address and I’ll send you the flyer.

If you’re thinking of setting up shop on Sunday, but are not yet sure, don’t worry about it.  Just show up.  There’s room for everybody.  So far, I know of 7 people coming.


Hey, kids, check out the Facebook Event page.  People are posting pics of what they’ll be selling.

My dear friend Claudia Segovia, who will be joining us on Sunday, has done so.  What I want to tell you, though, is about her daughter Triana.


Triana is only 17 years old and had the great, good fortune to spend 6 weeks this summer exploring Europe.  She’s an amazing young woman who’s done a fair amount of travelling for her age.  While on a train in Spain she had some time for self reflection and wrote about it here:  Writes of Passage.


Fun for you:

–  The Dance Hall video of African dance styles, A-Z
–  Wonderful little art dolls from The Pale Rook
–  Madeleine Boulesteix‘s amazing chandeliers
–  What to do with all those privacy envelopes you’ve been saving?  The ones with the fabulous patterns inside?  Stephen Sollins makes paper quilts.

And, that’s it.  See you on Sunday!



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