Our Junk, Your Joy!


garage sale 5

Hi, Everybody;

This is a reminder about the Artsy Fartsy Garage Sale, tomorrow.  Drop in, say hello and peruse the goodies!

Saturday, June 27
10:00 – 3:30
Corner of Quebec St. and E. 11th Ave.
1 block west of Main St.

There will be absolutely tons of stuff for sale.  The usual RubyDog items, plus vintage photo albums, a Print Gocco set, Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel, antique dolls, letterpress drawers, mica, Geotype (aka Letraset), funky jewellery, spinning fibres, Lazertran, rusty metal bits, skeleton keys, a Daylab, assemblage materials, old unused butter and cereal boxes, retro Mister Softee book covers, fabric sample books, watch faces and hands, old Lite Brite pegs and templates in their original boxes, mid-century linen postcards and much, much more.

I’m also going to be selling off some of the art that used to be on display in the store, including 2 wonderful pieces by Karyn Gartel.  As much as I love all this art there is just no space in my home for it.


Juan Rayos

Well, I’d love to chat more, but I have to get back to pricing things.  Here are a few websites for you, though:

Val Britton‘s abstract maps
Ya’ gotta like a blog called Try Something Fun!
Andrea d’Aquino‘s wonderful, collage illustrations
A fun print transfer technique from Birgit’s Daily Bytes
Easy background technique from the aforementioned Karyn Gartel
Juan Rayos‘ incredible journals

And, that’s all folks!  See you tomorrow (I hope).



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