The Artsy Fartsy Garage Sale


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Okay, folks, it’s time for another garage sale!  Clean out your studios, craft rooms, closets and wherever else you’re hoarding crafty supplies and make some money at the same time.

I’ve been going through boxes that have been sitting around since I closed the store and decided the best way to let go of all the goodies I found in them is to host this garage sale.  I’m sure there are more than one or two of you out there who also have way too many arts and crafts supplies.  So, join me.  Remember how much fun we had last time?  Here are the details:

Saturday, June 20

10:00 – 3:30

2649 Quebec St.
NW corner of 10th and Quebec  (1 block west of Main)

On Tuesday, I’m going to go around my neighbourhood and put up flyers.  If, by Monday evening, you know you’re participating for sure, would you send me a short list of what you’ll be selling?  That way I can add the info to the flyers.

If you can post even one flyer somewhere, that would be greatly appreciated.  I can email you a copy.  As well, quite a number of you have followers, blogs and websites, so don’t be afraid to let everybody know about this event.

Just so I have an idea as to how many people will be setting up shop, do email me if you’re going to be selling.  Any questions?  Send ’em to rubydogart at


Penelope copy

I have to tell about two books I just came across.

First is ‘A World of Artist Journal Pages’  by Dawn Devries Sokol.  Usually these books concentrate on U.S. artists, so any inclusion of Canadian artists is always a bonus.  Almost half of this large book is dedicated to world wide artists and 16 pages are devoted to Canada.  What really got me excited was seeing a spread from Penelope Harris’ journal.  If you’ve ever attended the monthly ATC swap, you’ll know Penelope.  I love Penelope’s art and have a treasured collection of ATCs created by her.  Sooooo happy to finally see her get some public recognition.

The second book is ‘Map Art Lab’ by Jill Berry and Linden McNeilly.  I loooove this book!  When you own upwards of 200 books on mixed media and collage it’s hard to get too excited about a new one; they all tend to look somewhat alike and feature the same artists.  Even the aforementioned book, A World of Artist Journal Pages, doesn’t really show anything new; I was just so pleased to see my compatriots.  Map Art got my creative juices flowing, though.  Lots of really interesting ideas for making maps.

I got both books from the library.  You can do the same.


Pass the Journal

Hey, speaking about journals do you remember The 1,000 Journals Project?  San Francisco artist ‘someguy’ gave 1,000 blank journals to different people and told them to make a contribution, then pass them on.  The journals went all around the world.  I was fortunate enough to art up a couple pages in journal #689.  I was reminded of this amazing project when I read about Strathmore’s ‘Pass The Journal‘.  They chose 12 artists, gave them journals, asked them to fill a page with their artwork, then pass the journal on to another artist.  The artists are all uploading their art to the Strathmore website, so you can follow along.  Go here:  Pass The Journal


Now, back to books.   ‘A World of Artist Journal Pages’ features 230 artists and every one of them has a website or blog of some sort.  So, you can imagine how much time can be spent perusing that many sites!  I’m still working my way through the book, but below are some of the Canadian artists and a few others that caught my eye.

Penelope Harris, Vancouver:  Radiant Crust
Sandra Trubin, Vancouver:  Sandra Trubin
Laura Bucci, Vancouver:  Laura Bucci
Carrie LaCoste, Estevan, SK:  Vinny Strawberry
Melissa Peacock, Surrey:  Yellowmelle Arts
Julie Hamilton, Whistler:  Artistically Afflicted
Guylaine Couture, Montreal:  Guylaine Couture
Brittany Baier, Sammamish, WA:  Brittany Baier
Nathalia Nayer, Belgium:  des couleurs, du piment et quatre bras
Marit Barentsen, Netherlands: Marit’s Paper World
Chandler O’Leary, Tacoma, WA:  Drawn The Road Again
Shelley Kommers, Calabasas, CA:  Shelley Kommers
Mary Freeman, Woodstock, GA:  A Splendid Adventure Studio
Mary Ann Moss, Los Angeles, CA:  Dispatch From LA




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