A Stormy Day in Vancouver




Wow!  Are you reading this from Vancouver?  Did you witness that crazy hailstorm?  Hope it didn’t destroy your garden.


Here is some workshop info for you:strathmore


I told you about this a long time ago, but I’m sure many of you have forgotten; especially if you don’t subscribe to their newsletter.

Strathmore, the makers of so many wonderful papers, offer free online classes.  You have to register, but there’s no charge.  Yay.  Free is our favourite price.  Unless we’re being paid, of course.  They also have a YouTube channel with instructional videos and a blog that sometimes features art techniques.


CollageCollage copy

Don’t forget Collage, Collage.  Remember them?  Erin owns this fabulous little store that was right next door to us when we were at Kingsway and Fraser.  As well as creative and engrossing classes and projects for kids, she now offers adult options


Rachael Ashe

I am so happy for the incredibly talented Rachael Ashe. She will be this summer’s Artist In Residence at The Leeway at Emily Carr University where they also offer workshops. You may remember her amazing altered books which were sometimes on display at the store.  Over the years she’s moved from that genre to paper cutting and her work will blow you away.  You have an opportunity to see a small collection of her art at Katami Design Studio near Broadway and Main.  The reception is from 6:30 to 8:30 on May 7th.  The show will continue for a few weeks.

If you happen to be in Halifax, there’s a show of her work on right now through to May 24th at the Mary E. Black Gallery.


Emily CArr

The Show At Emily Carr University is on right now, until May 17th. It features more than 300 works from this year’s Design, Media and Visual Arts graduates.  Always an interesting event.



I love this site!  At Superuse.org you see hundreds of recycling examples; everything from jerry cans turned into shoulder bags to a house made from shipping containers and pallets.



So, the Royal Canadian Mint ran a contest last month asking for design proposals to change the images on our coins.  They’ll circulate the winning coins in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.  That means the beaver will no long be on our nickels.  Not many of us have actually seen real beavers in the wild. I’ve been fortunate to catch a glimpse of our national animal when canoeing the backwaters of a national park north of Prince George. BrianK in Calgary saw some rebuilding their home.  See his video here:  Amazing Beaver Experience



Some interesting websites:

Joe Brubaker‘s paintings and assemblage pieces.
Jylian Gustlin‘s oil and acrylic paintings
The art and fonts of Eduardo Recife.
Seriously unusual architecture.
call2recycle is a battery recycling site.  Enter your postal code and get the recycling locations nearest to you.  Use it!




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