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Hey, you wonderful RubyDoggers, I must apologise for the lack of communication, on my part. Life has been ……….. how should we say this? …………. interesting. Isn’t that the old Chinese curse – may you live in interesting times? I’ve made a resolution, though, and that is to post here, regularly.

Now, read on.

Claudia show 3

First, I have to tell you about an amazing art show that opens tomorrow at the Sydney and Gertrude Zack Gallery: Intuitive Mythology by Claudia Segovia. Many of you will remember Claudia’s whimsical Figos from the store. Her and I have discussed a show, for years, where she makes Figos to go with her remarkable paintings and, finally, it’s here! The opening reception is tomorrow, so why not spend a Sunday afternoon getting inspired and meeting the artist?

If you can’t make it tomorrow, you have two weeks to view these fascinating creations, so don’t miss it.

Claudia show 2

Claudia show


Edith WArner

(Art by Edith Warner)

If you’re in North Van and don’t want to make the trek across the bridge, the North Shore Artist’s Guild is sponsoring “Art Under The Arbor” at Park and Tilford Gardens. this weekend.  Stroll through 3 acres of gardens and view works by 30 artists.  Yikes.  Sounds good to me!


Fall will be here sooner than you think and, along with the rain and the darkness, come creative classes. Yippee Ai Aye! The ever-inspiring Shary Barlett will be teaching a number of workshops here, as well as in Seattle, Australia and Bali. Check them out!

As a footnote, Shary is finally getting the attention she deserves and was asked to contribute several chapters to a new NorthLight publication: Encaustic Revelation: Cutting Edge Techniques from the Masters of Encausticamp


“Where’s your church?”
“We’re standing in it.”
“But this is a bookstore and it’s Friday.”
“Yes, but you might also choose to see it as a cathedral of the human spirit — a storehouse consecrated to the full spectrum of human experience. Just about every idea we’ve ever had is in here somewhere. A place containing great thinking is a sacred space.”
~Forrest Church~

Did you know Oscar’s Art Books is closing? I cannot begin to tell you the sadness I felt when I walked in there and saw the sale signs and empty shelves. I almost started crying right there in the store. They were scheduled to shut the doors at the end of April, but have received an extension until someone leases the space.

When we lost Book Warehouse I thought “At least there’s still Oscar’s”, but that is no longer the case. I have shelves filled with publications from both stores, but especially Oscar’s.  There are artists I never would have known about if I hadn’t browsed the shelves there and myriad technique tomes I wouldn’t have known existed if not for the hours Ruby and I spent perusing them at Oscar’s.  (Typically, I perused and Ruby patiently waited under a table or beside a pile of books)

No, the price of their lease did not drive them out of business. No, it’s not because they’re across the street from Chapters. It’s all due to the Internet (read: Amazon). I’ve said it again and again, you vote with your dollars. Do you want small businesses in Vancouver? If you’re a follower of this blog I have to assume you do. So, stop worrying about saving a couple of bucks and support them, folks! Otherwise, they can’t stay in business.  I MEAN IT!!!
P.S. Oscar’s has brought in 2015 calendars, so go get yours. One of my yearly treats for many years has been to spend an afternoon there poring over the myriad choices until finally settling on the one calendar I most want hanging on my kitchen wall for the next year (usually Klee, Chagall or Miro). Looks like this will be my last year for that small indulgence. :o(


Okay, I am SO excited to discover Vancouver has it’s own MakerLab. You have to check it out. They have everything from Laser Cutters to 3D Printers to an Electronics Lab to a Woodshop to a Textiles Lab and lots more.

Creative heaven at Kingsway and 10th!

Check out this video by Jane Davies on how to make stencils (really, more like masks) with your glue gun. It’s brilliant.

Sample - Bingo chips

After you see Claudia’s art show, why not drop in on the monthly ATC swap? It’s still going strong and always looking for new people with whom to swap artist trading cards:

Title: ATC Make & Trade Day
Date: Sunday August 17, 2014
Time: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: 1720 Grant St., Vancouver, BC
MOSAIC Community Meeting Room
(just off Commercial Dr.)

Make & Trade Day ~ come as early as noon to MAKE art together, then tidy up for the usual ATC TRADE at 3 pm.

Get more details on our ATC page.

Etsy Banner 10

Hey, folks, here’s a good deal for both of us. If you’ve never bought anything on Etsy, you can sign up through my link and get $5.00 free credit. I’ll also get a credit for every 2 people who do this. Everybody wins!


It’s been sooooo long since I posted I’ve accumulated a very long list of websites for you. I’ve been mulling over which ones to post here and have decided, for today, to simply send you some Pinterest Boards. Some of the artwork just takes my breath away. Clicking on the pictures that interest you will occupy your time for days to come. Enjoy!

Collage, Printmaking, Drawings and Works on Paper
Art Journals
Graphic Collage
Melinda Tidwell



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