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As I’m writing this, I realise the sound of raindrops has been in the background for quite some time.  When did that happen?  Just yesterday I was sitting outside a coffee shop soaking up the sunshine.  It was soooooo wonderful.

Guess what?  I have LETTERPRESS DRAWERS!!!!  In all honesty, I really thought I would never be able to say that, again, unless I decided to sell a couple of my own.  In the past I got my supply from a retired printer who seemed to know pretty much everybody in the business.  About a year and a half ago he told me they were now extremely hard to find. Then, a wonderful customer contacted me and offered 12 up for sale.  Her school was going to throw them away!

Letterpress - California
I’ve already sold 3 just by mentioning to people I have them, but that leaves 9 for my faithful newsletter list.  So, here’s the scoop:  At 10:30 on Sunday (Mar. 16) morning, I’ll be at Continental Coffee on the NW corner of Main and 27th.  I thought I’d be sitting there in the sunshine, but it looks like I’m going to have to let go of that daydream.  Anyway, if you’d like to buy one ($50.00), drop by.  If you know you want one for sure, let me know and I’ll reserve it for you.

There are a gazillion things you can do with these, but here’s the latest project I came across:http://blog.thriftybydesign.ca/2013/07/printers-drawer-is-now-funky-memory-box.html  If you want more ideas, search ‘Letterpress Drawers’ and ‘Printers’ Drawers’ at Pinterest. 

If you’ve been hankering after one of these vintage babies, now’s your chance.  It’s not like they’re making them anymore.

SharyShary Bartlett is back from her hiatus.  Yippeeiay!  Since the demise of yours truly’s shop there aren’t many options for workshops, unless you like taking them online.  Fortunately for us, Shary is still teaching; everything from Mixed Media to Photo Altering to Encaustic and more.  Take advantage of it.  Shary is a wonderful and generous instructor.  You’ll love her and learn lots.   Creativity Courses with Shary Bartlett.

I am SUPER happy to have discovered pmd Recycling Solutions.  All that stuff City Hall won’t accept in their recycling program?  These guys will.  They’re based in Victoria, but come to 4 locations in the Lower Mainland on the 3rd Saturday of every month (that’s this weekend).  They take hard plastics, acrylic, batteries, electronics, styrofoam (yes!), bicycle tubes, etc.

We might as well keep on going with the recycle theme:

– The second annual Recycled Art and Resource Expo is coming up soon.  It’s taking place on April 4, 5 and 6th in Bellingham.  Mucho fun and well worth a drive across the border.

–  30 Creative Ways to Repurpose and Reuse Old Stuff

Shary 2Here I go, again pointing out an exhibition in TorontoDreamers at Arta Gallery .  I really had to, though, because the incredibly talented Emily Cooper is one of the artists.  It was seeing Emily’s work that convinced me to let go of my attitude to digital art.  Which was that it wasn’t art.  I saw her one year at the One Of A Kind show and was blown away.  She’s also the generous soul who scanned thousands (literally) of images for me to use in my collage sheets.

How about something a little closer to home. The Spring Group Show at Kimoto Gallery features new works by 25 of the gallery’s artists.  Runs from March 15 to 30.

Do you know about ‘made in’  magazine?  Am I the last to find out or did I make a great discovery?  You can buy a printed copy but, for free, you can download the pdf file.  Check it out.

basecamp05-837x390I am constantly humbled by the creativity and imagination I see all around me.  It is truly amazing what people can do.  Who would ever have thought of buying up retro trailers, putting them in a huge warehouse and calling it a hostel?  I love, love  LOVE it!  The only downside is that baseCamp Hostel is located in Bonn, Germany.

When the aforementioned Suzanna emailed me and offered to spend an hour or so helping me out with WordPress I decided to visit her site. Much to my dismay, I saw she had created a website for Margaretha Bootsma.  Not, of course, that there is anything wrong with building an artist site, it’s just that it is now In Memoriam.  I did not realise Margaretha passed away in 2011.  I once took an 8 week collage course she taught at the Art Institute of Vancouver. An immensely talented woman, you may be familiar with her giant piece that adorned a back wall of MEC for many years.

I think we’ve all been aware of the serious lack of funding for music and art in our schools, but did you know it extends to the shops, as well?  I certainly did not.  If this is an area that’s dear to your heart, you can help out by donating to your favourite school:  Project Shop Class

Okay, I think I’ve covered everything.  Time for your websites:shary 3

The Ultimate Pallet site 
Anne Patay
Margaret Suchland
Martha Marshall
Helen Thompson
Mitsuru Koga
Steph Houstein
Speaking of imagination, I’ll bet you never thought of doing this with books.

And, that’s it.  Hopefully, I’ll see you on Sunday.  Even if you’re not interested in a drawer, drop by to say hello.  Oh, yah, don’t forget to sign up for this blog.

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